Inspirational Bible Verses 1.0


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Date Added:09 May, 2012

Author: W3i, LLC

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Inspirational Bible Verses is a screensaver that includes four different images of beautiful landscapes with short verses from the Bible. Among the images you will find a cascade, a rainbow, a sunset, and a lake. The images can be displayed in order or randomly, and you can also select your favorite ones. They are of good quality and you can enlarge or shrink them as you wish. You can also customize the display time and the transition effects you wish to see, selecting from an extensive list. Unfortunately, it doesn't include sounds nor music, which would definitely make it more enjoyable and relaxing. Moreover, you cannot customize the exit conditions, so it exits with any action. It would be great if you could at least add your own music and if it included a few more images with more verses. In short, Inspirational Bible Verses is a nice screensaver, which doesn't include anything impressive or original, but simply beautiful images with verses from the Bible that make it worth trying.

Systems: Windows

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